L E A R N I N G  W I T H  A R J U N

For over 15 years, Arjun has devotedly taught hundreds of students, sharing with them the joy, power, and beauty of North Indian classical music.


Arjun's approach to teaching draws upon his deep, 30+ years of study in North Indian classical music, along with his knowledge of Western classical music and his research into the modern psychology of music learning.  As a result, he is able to offer an integrated, student-focused, adaptive, yet traditional educational experience, for students of all ages and skill levels.

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ONLINE COURSES  |  Ali Akbar College of Music

Spring Session

May 1 - Jun 19 | 2021

These courses feature live 2-way interaction as well as video recordings available after each class meeting.

Saturdays  10:00AM - 11:00AM US-Pacific time 

Instrumental 1 (Beginning/Mixed Instruments) 

Includes beginning - intermediate level repertoire of Ali Akbar Khan, along with skill development exercises and basics of raag and taal (melodic and rhythmic forms). Open to players of all instruments who have basic playing ability. 


Saturdays  11:15AM - 12:15 PM US-Pacific time 

Introduction to Improvisation (Pre-requisite, Instrumental 1)

This course is for intermediate level players who want to express their own musical ideas through North Indian classical music. Students will learn specialized training exercises to strengthen the basic skills of melody, rhythm, phrasing, expressiveness, and idea generation. In addition, the repertoire drawn from the concurrent Instrumental 1 course will be analyzed and used as a template for creating new lines. Students will then be guided through a multitude of simple approaches to improvisation, and will receive constructive feedback throughout the course.

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Indian Classical Music Immersion|Bast (Czech Republic)

The Yoga School of Bast Sep 9 - 12 | 2021

This three-day immersion is offered by Arjun Verma along with Florian Schiertz (Tabla). In parallell sessions they will offer harmonic and rhythmic aspects on classical Ragas. This immersion is suitable to all musicians interested in Indian Classical Music. Accomodation and meals are available on spot. 


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